Prehistory with the family

Go back in time and slip into the shoes of a prehistoric man!

La Rochefoucauld Porte du Périgord is an area rich in prehistoric caves and shelters. Numerous traces of early human habitation have been discovered at the sites of Le Placard in Moulins-sur-Tardoire, La Chaise in Vouthon, Montgaudier in Montbron and many others.

Activities for the whole family

Every summer, young and old alike can discover the main prehistoric sites and learn about the techniques of our distant ancestors: the art of fire, shooting with a propellant, painting on the wall, etc.

Your children can even play prehistorian by carrying out an archaeological excavation at the Montbron prehistory centre in the proper manner! It is an invitation to return to your origins accompanied and guided by passionate people who will know how to transmit their knowledge to everyone.

Fête de la Préhistoire Atelier peinture sur paroi Fête de la Préhistoire Production de feu

Year after year, the discovery of the prehistoric treasures of the Tardoire valley is
growing: the number of events is increasing and the facilities are developing.

In 2021, the prehistoric site of the Grotte du Placard in Moulins-sur-Tardoire will have a new interpretation area.

⇒ Animations freely accessible: 360° visit of the cave, video-projections, facsimiles and reconstruction of the decorated wall. And many other projects are currently in preparation…