In the steps of the first men

The Charente, a world reference for prehistory

The Charente has contributed a lot to the knowledge of the first inhabitants of central-western France. Homo erectus had colonised the banks of the Charente. Their successors, the Neanderthals and then the Cro-Magnons (Homo sapiens), used the numerous shelters offered by the limestone terrain. The Tardoire valley is a major prehistoric site. The karst characterises this valley, with its caves and limestone shelters. It was a favourite place for prehistoric man to stay.

Espace Préhistoire André Debénath: a place of resources and activities

In Montbron, the Espace Préhistoire offers you all the information you need to understand the saga of prehistoric discoveries in the Charente: the main sites uncovered, the civilisations of Homo erectus, Neanderthals and then Cro-Magnon men, as well as the specialists. Reproductions of important archaeological pieces complete the exhibition, such as the “baton of command” dating from the Magdalenian period found at Montgaudier in 1885 or the human skull from Fontéchevade.

The association Préhistoire en Tardoire runs a rich programme of events every year, accessible to all. Young and old alike can find out more about their origins and learn the techniques and tricks of prehistoric man.
Children’s workshops: handling objects, painting on a wall, doing an archaeological dig, creating a prehistoric necklace, making a fire with flint and straw…
In situ visits: guided tours of the Montgaudier and La Chaise sites
Family workshops: discovery of a site and a workshop to share with the family
– But also escape games, conferences…
And in August, the association organises the Prehistory Festival with free workshops for all in and around the prehistoric space. So “do some prehistory!”

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