La Halle aux Grains in la Rochefoucauld

This unique room can accommodate 153 guests, and approximately 10,000 tickets are guaranteed each year in this cinema which is classed ‘Art et Essai’ (arthouse cinema).  Situated in La Rochefoucauld’s old ‘Halle aux Grains’, above the Médiathèque, the cinema has a lift and can also be accessed by people with reduced mobility.

Films are usually scheduled in their original language and in digital sound.  What is more, the cinema is involved in the ‘Ecole et Cinema’ (School and Cinema) project, and schedules films appropriate for a school audience.

During the summer, the Association that manages the cinema, streams a series of open air films for the local communities and neighbouring associations.

Price list: discounts €4.80 (loyalty cards and Wednesdays), normal €5.80, JeudiCiné (Thursdays) €4.  The full programme is available by calling +33 (0)5 45 25 29 75, or visit:

Le Silverado in Marthon

Le Silverado opened its doors to the public on 8 April 1997.  The cinema has a tiered auditorium of 150 seats and a digital surround system.  It features six to eight films a week.

The Silverado cinema supports a very ambitious editorial line focusing on arthouse films and films in their original language, earning it the classification ‘Art et Essai’ (arthouse cinema).  However, of the three daily films on the programme, at least one is chosen for its entertainment value, because it is popular, and because it will attract a large audience.

The cinema strives to put together a schedule that is both demanding and well balanced, and this work is supported by the l’Université de Pays.  Monthly debates on aspects of current affairs are organised within the same framework.   Last but by no means least, the Silverado cinema also gets involved in school projects such as College and ‘Ecole et cinema’ (School and Cinema).

For the most up to date programme check your daily local newspapers, or call +33 (0)6 81 69 37 73.  You can also visit

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