Who are we?

REMINDER: The NOTRe Act has changed the administrative landscape of our region.  From 1 January 2017 the following changes took affect:

  • The Communauté de communes (association of local authorities) of the Vallée de l’Echelle joined the Communauté d’agglomération (conurbation) of Grand Angoulême.
  • The Communauté de communes (association of local authorities) of the Horte et Lavalette joined the Communauté de communes of Tude and Dronne.
  • The two Communautés de communes Bandiat Tardoire and Seuil Charente-Périgord merged.
  • The association of the Pays Horte et Tardoire disappeared.
What does this mean for the tourist office?

The tourist office’s jurisdiction will inevitably evolve, given that the tourist office of the Angouleme area is now responsible for the district of the Vallée de l’Echelle, and the tourist office of the South of the Charente is responsible for the Horte and Lavalette districts.  As a result, the tourist office’s new scope of operation is made up of 29 local authorities brought together in a new entity called the ‘Communauté de communes La Rochefoucauld Porte du Périgord’ (association of local authorities of the La Rochefoucauld ‘gateway to the Périgord’ region), bringing together the two associations of local authorities Bandiat-Tardoire and Seuil Charente-Périgord).

In August 2016, the tourist office of the Pays Horte et Tardoire was replaced by the tourist office of La Rochefoucauld lez Perigord, as described by the Association Act of 1901.

Our objectives

Following article L.133-1 to 3 of France’s Code of Tourism, the objectives of the tourist office are set out as follows:

  • To welcome and inform the public
  • To promote the region
  • To drive support for local businesses and stakeholders

The La Rochefoucauld lez Périgord tourist office has two local branches open to the public: La Rochefoucauld (open throughout the year) and Montbron (open from February to October).

Our team

The board of directors is made up of 10 voting members and 12 active members across four sectors of tourism: accommodation, trade (businesses), associations and service providers linked to the tourism sector, and volunteers.

In the office:

  • President/Chairman: Alain Mitteau
  • Secretary: Jan Antrop
  • Treasurer: Lucien Niort

The team also includes two private sector members of staff and one public sector member of staff (from the Communauté des communes La Rochefoucauld Porte du Périgord), which is increased for the holiday season.




Chantal GLENET

Chantal GLENET

Responsibilities: Administration and Management



Responsibilities: Communications, Relationship Management, Media and Entertainment.

Myriam AZEN

Myriam AZEN

Responsibilities: Relationship local partners, family activities

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