Picnic areas

What better way to enjoy the beautiful countryside, than a picnic amongst friends or with family.

Around La Rochefoucauld

  • Agris: in Pont d’Agris (tables and benches, car park, caravan parking site)
  • Chazelles: Chazelles Gare, on the Coulée d’Oc (three tables, benches, parking available)
  • La Rochefoucauld: on the banks of the Tardoire River, near the Chocolaterie d’Antan, at the foot of the Chateau (tables and benches)
  • La Rochette: in the village, the Jean Bréjoux picnic area near the Mairie (town hall) (two tables, benches), and next to the Chateau, a shaded area near the Allée des Charmilles (four tables and benches, a water fountain, play area, French boules pitch and tennis court)
  • Pranzac: three tables in different locations (the ‘Lanterne des Morts’, the ‘espace La Prairie’ and next to the Bandiat River near the local hairdresser and boulangerie)
  • Rancogne: an area is planned near the Landaudrie lake.
  • Rivières: at the Maison du Gros Fayant in the Braconne forest (tables, benches and car park).  This is also the starting point of the ‘défi forestier en Braconne’, an interactive woodland challenge.
  • Saint-Adjutory: the Bellone trail, at the washhouse (tables, benches and a small car park)
  • Saint-Projet Saint-Constant: at the Claude Bonnier rest area (La Bécasse) (tables, benches, toilets, car park, water fountain).

Around Montbron

  • Ecuras: the Pigeonnier picnic area (tables, benches), in La Place du Chatain-Besson (tables, benches and toilets), and next to the Mairie (tables, benches, toilets and play area)
  • Eymouthiers: at the Saint-Pierre fountain, which is also the starting point of some walks (tables, benches, toilets, car park, water fountain (not drinkable))
  • Feuillade: in the village (table, benches, play area, toilets)
  • Montbron: at the ‘grande fontaine’ (five tables, benches, water, adjoining play area, toilets (please contact the town hall (Mairie) if you wish to use the toilets)
  • Rouzède: l’Epardeau picnic area (tables, benches, toilets, car park, play area, water fountain)
  • Saint-Germain de Montbron: on the green trail at Rochepine (tables, benches, car park), just off the RD108 opposite the route de Vouzan (table, benches, car park), in Pontsec (table and benches) and at the French boules pitch (table, benches, car park)
  • Saint-Sornin: at the Chapelle des Landes in ‘La Faurie’ (table, benches, car park), at the church (table, benches, toilets and car park), on the Route de Bouèges, as you leave St Sornin on your way to La Rochefoucauld (table, benches, parking), and the play area on the Route du Stade (table, benches and car park).
  • Vilhonneur: opposite the Moulin de la Pierre, along the Tardoire River, on the Route de St Sornin (table, benches, nearby car park) and at the Roman ford, along the Tardoire River, on the Route du Château (table, benches, car park at the village hall which also has toilets).
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